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I love watching process videos. I find they offer that little extra insight into the creation of a work of art and every artist is different – not only in what they create but in how they move their hands. I’ve recently have started posting little videos of my own hands at work on my Instagram account: @sydneyroseart.

I’m often asked how I create my collage work and how I manage to cut such tiny images out. These videos provide much more information about the process than photographs and finished pieces ever could. They show the tools, the thickness of the paper, the scale of the images, the decision making that goes into choosing where and what to cut next. For me, it is really interesting to remove myself from the immersive and meditative process of collage and see how my hands work as an outsider. These are a few videos that I have posted and I will continue to post more. I hope you enjoy!

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#marchmeetthemaker – Day 10 (Part 2/2) – Since I posted about today's "time to relax" prompt yesterday, I am backtracking to yesterday's "how it's made" prompt for today. I have been wanting to post something like this for a while and will most likely post more in the future. This is how I cut tiny things out for my collages. I love my scissors! I have tried to use xacto knives before and I end up ripping the paper and have no patience for changing dull blades. It's tedious and the viewing angle for this was super awkward (will have to modify the camera setup for sure) but it was really fun for me to review the cutting process once I was no longer staring so intently at where the scissors met the paper. I hope you enjoy this video and make it at least part way through… #analogcollage #cuttingskills #cutandpastecollage #tinycollagepieces #handcutcollage #scissors #wescottscissors #collageart #makersnorth #kolaj #peoplepowerpress #sydneyroseart #openstudiocambriancollege #ensorings

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