Gore Street Cafe Post It Note Exhibition

Social media can be a funny thing. It can help us stay connected to family and friends, provide a window into the lives of people who we don’t know, or in this case, introduce us to people who are doing really cool things to help other people do really cool things… and sometimes you can even participate in these cool things.

Allan Bjornaa (on Instagram as @albjornaa) is a collage artist from the Sault Ste. Marie area who works alongside Gore Street Cafe to provide opportunities for local artists and musicians to showcase their work, for folks get together to look at art, create art, listen to vinyl and eat delicious, reasonably priced (sometimes pay what you can) food from a menu that is constantly changing. I have never been to this little cafe that exists next to a laundromat, but I admire all that it offers it’s community.

Al organized the Post it Note Exhibition as a crowd-sourced fundraiser in support of Gore Street Cafe. Each piece of art, created on a post-it note, is being sold for $10 and all proceeds will go to the cafe! The work will be on the walls until March 20th but will be available online until the end of April: https://tictail.com/gorestreetcafe